Monday, February 29, 2016

Weed vs Marijuana

Weed vs Marijuana

Marijuana, also known as weed and other many names, has been unnecessarily prohibited in the United States of America because of the ideas and fears that the general public have towards the practically harmless drug. Most non-users of marijuana would tell you how bad it is for you just based off of the things that they have heard or seen on television. But how much of the things that they say are true? Does marijuana really make you go crazy? Well if you observed ten users, I am almost positive that 9 out of 10 of those people are the most calm people you'll probably ever meet. So what is so wrong with weed, or marijuana?

Recreational vs Medicinal

In many states, marijuana has actually been legalized but strictly for medicinal use only. This means that if the drug is found on a person and it was not prescribed by a doctor, they could be charged by the US court system for possession of marijuana. This usually results in maybe a few months of jail time to a few years. A few states have actually legalized marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. One day all the states will completely legalize marijuana. 

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